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5 ways to tell if your clothes fit

Oh those ill-fitting jeans. You know the ones we are talking about. The pair that doesn’t really fit right, for whatever the reason might be. The pair that you keep putting back in your closet, even though you are not sure why. The pair that you put on and halfway through the day you find yourself tugging, pulling, or otherwise very aware of your muffin top.

I (Denae) have a pair of ill-fitting jeans, and honestly, I don’t know why I keep them. Every time I put them on, I think, “Oh, these are okay,” and by 2:00 p.m., I feel fat, uncomfortable and convinced that I look horrible. 

It might not seem important, but we have had enough experience feeling good in our clothes that we don’t want to continue to wear things that make us think about our clothes all day. We want to get dressed, feel good and forget about it so we can focus on those things that are really important. That is why we love teaching women how to grasp their beauty. That is why we teach about coloring, body analysis and style personality.

Here is a checklist of 5 ways for you to tell if your clothes fit you wrong.

1. Pulling and/or tugging

You feel a constant need to tug or pull on your clothes. You pull your jeans up, your shirts down, or you are always pushing your sleeves

2. You are aware of your clothes

You have the feeling of “being aware” of your clothes all day long. You should be able to get dressed, look good, and forget about it.

3. You can't shake that feeling

You are convinced that you are unattractive because of the way your body FEELS in your clothes. Face it, ladies, if you don’t feel good in your clothes, you feel frumpy. And frumpy equals grumpy.

4. Holding your clothes

You have to “hold” your shirt or your pants when you bend over. If your shirt hangs away from the font of your body when you bend over, or your pants come down and show your underwear, you can be assured they don’t fit you.

5. Try it twice

And finally, you just generally feel like what you are wearing is not quite right. Try it twice. Twice so that you know the clothing really makes you uncomfortable. If you feel uncomfortable both times you wear it, then it is time to ditch it!