Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend

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I am about to tell you a secret. A very big, and little known secret.  I obviously think it’s important, otherwise I wouldn’t take up precious internet space to share it with you. Last week, when I posted about closet essentials, I referenced “leg diamonds”. Have you ever put on a skirt or capris (shudder…because most people do NOT wear these right) only to have them look frumpy? And why is that, when the same style of skirt or crop pants look great on someone else?  Are you doing something wrong?  Well…possibly.

The secret is all in where the skirt ends. It is not about your age, even though some people might try to convince you that you can’t wear anything above your knee after you turn 30. What on earth? We turn 30 and then we have to hang up anything we own that comes above the knee? Who invented that rule? Micro-mini skirts, yes, those should not be worn after you are 30. But then again, no one really wants to see another woman’s underwear, so I propose that those should be banned from all age groups.

Every woman has 3 “diamonds” in her legs. The secret to any length of pants, shorts, skirts or anything else is that they must end in one of those “diamonds”. Where do you find these diamonds?  You will need a good friend or a full length mirror or both.  *Side note, I am probably the only style coach that doesn’t own a full-length mirror.  Don’t ever tell Shari Braendel, please.  I have just never gotten around to purchasing one.  If I need to see my whole self, I just have one of my boys take a picture on my phone and show it to me.  How’s that for an honest confession?* Back to the task at hand. Put your feet together at 10 and 2 position with your heels touching.  Where you see openings (legs not touching) is where your pants or skirts should end. Anywhere else on your legs will simply make you look drab.


On the photo above, I have added lines that illustrate what I am talking about. If you are doing anything other than full length pants, they should end somewhere in one of the three spaces where you can see light through your legs when your feet are together. If you were ever curious about why walking shorts do not look right on most people, here is your answer. It’s usually because they end right where the knees touch, and that is the worst place, other than where your calves touch, for something to end.

Ahhh, the answers to one of the world’s oldest mysteries finally revealed.  Happy Dressing!

For more information, please check out Shari Braendel’s book, “Help Me Jesus! I Have Nothing to Wear!”

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