You’re So Vain

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You’re so vain, you probably think this blog post is about you. =) And it is. No, I’m not calling you vain. However I am guessing you have questioned at one point or another if caring about your outward appearance is vain or conceited.

God didn’t haphazardly give you the color of your eyes, your nose, or the shape of your body. He created you unique and beautiful. So is it vain to spend time on our outer selves? We make choices every day with respect to how we care for our bodies and our appearance. This doesn’t mean we are to spend inordinate amounts of time, money, or mental energy worrying or obsessing about how we look and what we wear. As representatives of Christ we want to reflect His character and we want that reflected not only inwardly but outwardly.

Why do Denae and I do ImageTruth? We believe it matters because we can’t separate our faith from what we do. We have been given a platform that allows us to speak the truth about what and who God says we are – redeemed, forgiven, chosen, loved, and blessed to name just a few. So many of us carry experiences from our past that have impacted our perceptions of who we are and how God views us. Denae and I can both speak to this and how God has redeemed those areas in our lives. It is a message that needs to be spoken because so many are desperate to hear it. What we do has nothing to do with impressing others and everything to do with reminding women who they are and whose they are.

You are loved and you are beautiful. Not because we say you are (even though we do) but because the Creator of the universe says so (Psalm 139:14) .

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