So You Think You Are Fluffy…

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If you are a woman, or if you know a woman, you can probably relate to the phrase, “Oh I feel so fluffy today.” After a fair amount of time, my husband finally realized that I am referring to a FEELING I have, and that I am not necessarily asking him to reassure me that I look fine or that I am not fluffy (doesn’t fluffy sound so much more friendly than fat??).

Let’s face it, we all have places on our bodies that are not our favorite.  Funny thing is, those places we don’t like are usually because of our own feelings, not because of what anyone else sees on us.  I look relatively the same to people in my life (including my husband) every single day.  But over the course of a month, I go from feeling happy with my figure to feeling wildly dissatisfied with the extra “fluff” around my middle.

There is something practical you can do to change the way you see yourself.  After all, you are not dressing for other people. Remember? They don’t see things the same way you do. It’s never about someone else. It’s about your own perception of yourself. The number one top thing you can do to help you feel more confident (besides wearing your right colors-watch for upcoming posts for more details on this) is to NOT DECORATE your fluff. What does that mean?  It means, take into consideration where you feel the fluffiest and make sure your clothes don’t draw extra attention to that area. I am always and forever self-conscious about my mid-section. I used to think that I was camouflaging it by adding layers that ended right there, or by adding a belt over a shirt to give me a waist (I am very straight down and don’t have much of a waist), but the truth is, I am a “B” body type, which means I gain weight in my stomach. Now I skip the belts over shirts, wear pants that are slightly higher at the waist (to cover the muffin-top) and make sure that all of my pieces end below my area of self-consciousness. And finally, make sure that your sleeves never end at the widest point of your body.  If your hips are bigger, push your sleeves up, if your stomach is bigger, pull your sleeves down push them up higher. And here is the great thing, with these tips, I no longer feel like my stomach is the center of attention.

Yes, it’s true that we have to love ourselves internally, or the stuff on the outside will never matter. But I have seen such a difference in my own self once I started learning rules, tips and tricks to dressing. Over time, you will find yourself becoming more confident in your own style because you know what to wear and how to wear it every day. If you would like us to come to a women’s event near you to personally teach you these things, please call Nancy at 605-977-4800.


Check out the difference in the silhouette lines between this shirts that ends at my fluffy point, and the one below where the shirt is pulled below my stomach.


Make sure your shirt/jacket does not end at your widest point, no matter where that point is on your body.


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