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Can’t Go Wrong Color

Do you ever wonder if there is a universal color?

What if you could be sure that there was one great and universal color that looked good on anyone and everyone? Now you can be sure. You can’t go wrong when you go with teal.

Do you need a quick color pick me up?

This color is universally flattering on everyone regardless of your dominant color characteristic!

So next time you are shopping for someone and aren’t sure of their coloring, go with teal. It will compliment almost every skin tone, eye color and hair color.

Teal-the universal color

Teal-the color for everyone

Test this out.  Next time you are out and about, notice the people dressed in a teal shirt. Or people who have a pop to teal somewhere. You will notice that their eyes seem a little brighter, and (usually) their skin looks more vibrant. I bet you will start seeing teal wherever you go, and maybe even incorporate some of it into your own wardrobe.