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The boots that I love

Oh my boots, how I love thee

Yes, I am still in love with these boots. They are “fringe-y” and comfortable and they swish when I walk.  It’s just a thing that I can’t help smiling about.  Sometimes I try to pick a different pair, but then I put these on instead.  Second, my cross-body bag.  I have been looking for one for a long time.  One that is not to small for my 6-foot tall frame and  one that matches my ever changing hair.  I found this at a garage sale.  It was being sold by a clear and I wanted to tell her that it would be so much better suited to me (a warm) that it was for her, but I just paid the three dollars and smiled instead.

What is your go-to item? Do you have one item that you would wear every day if you could? How would you choose?

A capsule wardrobe could be right for you

Have you ever thought about a capsule wardrobe? It might be just the thing you need to figure out your one go-to item for fall.  Our friend, Shari Braendel, has created a fantastic course to show you exactly how to create a capsule wardrobe where everything you have goes together (total of 27 hangers) and you can create 1-3 months worth of different outfits just using 27 pieces of clothing. We think you should check it out because we did…and even thought we didn’t think it would work for us, it did! We are pleasantly surprised by the results and being able to create so many different outfits from so few pieces of clothing.

Click on the link above to purchase her online academy to find your own closet freedom.


Fringe Boots

Fringe boots are my one go-to shoe for the fall, both last year and this year.