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Do you know what colors you should wear?

Sometimes people ask us how we know what colors they should wear, or what makes us categorize them in a certain color category. Read below to see if you can categorize yourself. If you can’t figure it out, email us ( with a picture. We will analyze you!

There are six categories, probably expanded from the four that most people know (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter). The categories are based on Shari Braendel’s unique coloring system. From lightest to darkest, we have Light, Soft, Cool, Warm, Clear and Deep.  We look at hair, skin and eye color and how they all “go together”.

Read below to determine your color. Click here to find out what color you should wear.


Women in the light category usually have light hair, light skin and light eyes.  They usually have lighter blond or white hair, blue, green or hazel eyes and light skin tones with a pinkish undertone. Light colors and bright contrasts are great looks for women with light coloring.

Light coloring

This “light” is stunning with her light hair, light skin and light eyes…and an adorable baby, too!


Ladies with soft coloring generally have medium brown hair and medium blue, green or hazel eyes. Their skin usually has golden undertones. Highlights and lowlights are a wonderful addition to soft hair.  Black is not your friend.  Feel free to rail against me to your friends for saying that.  It takes a while to accept some things.

Soft coloring

What a captivating “soft”. Medium hair (with great highlights), medium skin tone and medium blue eyes.


Cool women have silver, salt and pepper or ash brown hair.  Eye color is varied and they generally will have pink undertones. The neat thing about women with a cool palette is that their skin tone will change when their hair changes to grey.  It can be fairly tough (emotionally) for a woman to change from another category to cool once she decides to let her hair go grey, but rest assured, when you decide to make that change, your skin will compliment your hair beautifully. Cools should not wear clothes with yellow undertones. I promise you it will make you look like you have serious liver problems.

Cool Coloring

This lovely lady is a “cool” color palette. Look how amazing that blue looks on her!


Women with warm coloring are pretty easy to spot as they often have red hair.  Green or blue eyes are common, but warms can also have brown eyes.  This is one of the only color categories that really can wear mustard yellow and olive green.

Warm Coloring

This pretty lady is a definite “warm”. Red hair, fair skin and clue eyes leave no question about coloring.


When we describe someone with clear coloring, high contrast is the first trait that comes to mind.  Dark hair, bright eyes and high contrast between skin and hair.  Black, white, and bright colors will make a clear woman light up the whole room.

Clear Coloring

Dark hair, light skin and bright eyes make this delightful woman a “clear”.


At the end of the spectrum opposite of light is deep.  Dark hair, deep brown or black eyes and a deeper skin tone are perfect to showcase deep, rich tones and colors.  While lighter colors are perfect for their light counterparts, on a deep, anything pastel would completely wear a deep woman.  It would be a classic case of seeing a shirt walk in the room first.

Deep coloring

Our captivating young “deep.” Dark hair, dark eyes and skin that tans easily make this sweet girl and easy deep color choice.


I always say that if women can start to see their closets as a mathematical equation and not as an emotional roller coaster, they would have so much more freedom in getting dressed.  Meaning if you know what looks good on you for the way you were made, you don’t have to see clothes as the enemy.  Learning your coloring is the very first step needed in order to see your closet as something other than a mess that is filled with too many clothes and nothing to wear.