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ImageTruth Secrets Revealed

We are so different!  Two women on opposite ends of almost every spectrum, but yet, God called us together to start ImageTruth. We thought it would be fun for you to see why we work so well together! Check out our quiz below to learn the answers to our secrets. Do you have a guess which is which???

The Quiz

Which one of us sips our coffee slowly? Who downs it scalding hot?

Nancy’s secret: I love my coffee copious, black and steaming hot.  I can often finish 3 cups of coffee before Denae has finished half a cup of hers. Love me some coffee.

Denae’s secret: I am a chronic “sipper”.  Seriously, I can make my coffee last for 2 days. No matter how a long the road trip is, I ALWAYS still have coffee left when we get there.

Which one of us budgets down to the last penny? And which one operates on much looser principles

Denae’s secret: Most people find it hard to believe, but I am a budget-er.  Down to the penny.  It used to be so that I couldn’t even go to sleep at night until I had the budget balanced for the day. I have relaxed a little bit, but it’s oddly relaxing for me to see all the numbers in order in the YNAB spreadsheet. (Nancy just made a gagging sound as I typed this).

Nancy’s secret: I have a good, vague idea of our budget. I am extremely diligent about writing down receipts, but when it comes to actual balancing of the checkbook, I feel it’s unnecessary. I have never had an overdraft, so the system works for me.

Are you surprised yet?

Which one of us is an outgoing introvert (some days)? And which one is an excitable extrovert?

Nancy’s secret: No shocker here! I love nothing more than to sit down with another person, have coffee and hear their story. I also enjoy social settings and I LOVE speaking at events. I especially love visiting individually with women after events. At the end of the day, though, I enjoy being alone to re-charge.

Denae’s secret: You probably guessed this! Everywhere I go I meet people and find friends.  People fascinate me, and nothing makes me more amped than talking to a large group. When a woman “gets it” and figures out what clothes to wear to make her look and feel amazing, my excitement spills out everywhere.

Which one of us loves to work out (and loves food)? And which one of us tried it once (working out, not food)?

Denae’s secret: Oh my goodness.  I hate to work out.  “Going to the gym” kind of gives me hives. I usually try to get there once a year, but sometimes I don’t make it that often. I once belonged to a gym that provided childcare. I would bring my kids, go sit in the hot tub for a while, then I would get out and go to the little cafe and have a caramel roll and a mocha.  Yes, my friends, that is how I roll.

Nancy’s secret: I found a workout that I really enjoy and it’s taken a while, but it’s finally stuck. Trust me, no one was more surprised by this than me. My next goal is to work on nutrition because I have heard it said that you can’t out exercise a bad diet. 🙂

This might be the biggest shocker of all

 Which one of us is anal retentive about closet organization? And which one is NOT.AT.ALL?

Nancy’s secret: I have a general knowledge of where everything is in my closet and that system works for me. I keep it kind of messy so Denae has something to do when she is stressed out.

Denae’s secret: I cannot tell you how much comfort I get from a neatly organized closet. Sometimes I leave it open during the day so I can walk by it and feel rest from the neatly hung clothes.  Oh! And all hangers have to be facing the same direction with clothes hung the same way. Mmmmm…Just thinking about it makes my heart rate slow down and peace and calm start to flow over me. 😉