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What To Wear If You Have Dark Hair And Light Eyes

Hey There Bright Eyes-These Are Just For YOU!

Pink Sweater, Black Stonewashed Jeans, Black Combat Boots, Black Glasses with words six tips for dark hair and light eyes

Today’s picks are for ladies with dark hair and light eyes. There is a high contrast between your hair color and skin tone. In our color analysis system you would be assigned to the CLEAR color code. If you are still wondering if you are a clear, click here to see our CLEAR Pinterest board for some examples.

Do you know your color code?  The list of colors that complement your skin, hair, and eyes and that look amazing on you? If you would like help identifying your color code, click here.

Check out these fabulous finds from Amazon that will elevate your style this winter. 

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1. Royal Blue

With your light eyes and dark hair, royal blue, or any other jewel tone color will be stunning on you. Royal blue or another jewel tone will enhance the contrast between your hair and your skin, and will make your eyes sparkle! This shirt is  fabulous because it is built with non-clingy material, ends below the belly and has great sleeve detail. Click here to purchase one for yourself!

2. High Contrast

Another fantastic choice for a women in the Clear Color Code is anything that has high contrast coloring. This structured long vest creates a beautiful silhouette by nipping in at the waist. Pair this vest with a white (or another light color) shirt and it will compliment the high contrast that already exists between your skin tone and hair color. This vest compliments every body shape.  Click here to get yours.

3. Jewel Tone Nail Polish

Do you want a quick and easy way to finish off your look? Nail polish is the thing. You, dear, can pull off the most beautiful jewel tone nail polishes. Pure red, bright blue, kelly green, and the richest purple will add polish and poise to any outfit. Buy this one here.

4. Houndstooth Scarf

Everyone loves a cozy scarf! This one perfectly mimics the contrast between your hair color and skin tone.  It can be paired with almost anything from jewel tones to solid black or white. Add a little cozy while taking your outfit to the next level. This one is available here.

5. Color Blocking

Right now color blocking is everywhere. Color blocking is just what it sounds like. This is a very figure-flattering style. When done in high contrast like the dress pictured, it can be a stunning look for a woman in the clear color code. Check here for your size.

6. Statement Earrings

We are particularly fond of these white chunky earrings. They are lightweight and stand out terrifically against dark brown and black hair. As you choose your earrings, keep the size in mind. If you have a smaller build, choose a smaller pair and if you have a larger build, go for a larger pair. Or if you want to wear large earrings but have a smaller build, pair it with a smaller necklace or no necklace at all!

Check out the link for other colors. Every color in this group of earrings is on pointe for the clear color category. Get a pair here. 

We had so much fun putting together these fashion picks just for you. Stay Tuned for more fashion picks in each color code. CLEAR, DEEP, COOL, WARM, LIGHT and SOFT. Check out our Pinterest boards for more inspiration.  Leave us a comment and let us know what you love from this list or if you have any questions.



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