Delivering Hope, Truth and Beautiful Freedom to Women and Closets Everywhere

Denae and Nancy are trained and certified in color code analysis by the nation’s leading Christian Image Consultant, Shari Braendel. They are passionate about teaching women their best colors. When armed with the knowledge of your personal color code, you can dress and shop with confidence. No more standing in front of your closet wondering why you have so many clothes and nothing to wear. Using the principals that they teach you can dress without stress, guilt, or shame.

God created you fearfully and wonderfully and He has a purpose for your life and your day. That purpose is not standing in front of your overstuffed closet or spending money on clothes that you do not need. Denae and Nancy want you to spend less time dwelling on clothes and more time feeling confident in what you are wearing and living out God’s purpose for your life. When women feel that they look good it gives them confidence and this impacts everything.

Where Internal and External Collide