How To Dress For Your Large Bust With Confidence

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The Six Best Tips For Balancing A Large Bust Area

If you are an “O” body shape, you probably have a large bust area and possibly stomach. You might buy a shirt large enough to fit your bustline, but then find that it is too big everywhere else. Or you might buy a smaller shirt to fit your torso area but it pulls across the bustline. We are here to walk you through some of the tricky parts of dressing, and to remind you that you have a beautiful shape. You can dress stylishly and confidently while accentuating your best features.

1. Color

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By now we might sound like a broken record as we keeping telling you that the first and foremost rule is to know what colors look best on you. Many beautiful women with an “O” (large bust area) body type wear a lot of black because they believe that it is the most camouflaging color, but instead of camouflaging let’s highlight your beautiful features! Getting your colors figured out is the best place to start.

There are colors that will make you shine, and there are colors that will detract from your natural beauty. We use a system that is very simple to understand AND it includes 42 digital swatches for easy access on your phone, tablet, or computer. Click here to take our virtual color analysis quiz to find out your best colors.

2. Bra

A good quality bra is very important for every body shape, and it’s essential for those who have a large bust area. In fact, your health depends on it. The wrong bra can lead to back problems, stooped shoulders, and an overall frumpy appearance. Get a professional fitting or try a company like Third Love that will send you a number of bras to try and then you can send back any bras that don’t work for you. Your back and shoulders will thank you and you will be amazed at the difference in your silhouette.

3. Prints

Do you shy away from prints? Perhaps you have been told that prints draw attention to your problem area or that they make you look wider. Prints are actually a fantastic choice for an “O” body shape. Choose a structured shirt with a great print and you will automatically look more balanced. Floral and large animal prints are a good place to start. Look for a v-neck or scoop neckline when possible. Many women with an “O” (large bust area) shape have an issue with too much cleavage showing. Tanks and camis are your friends. We suggest having 5-7 good fitting tanks in your wardrobe so you can put one on under any shirt.

4. Jackets

Fitted jackets or structured jackets are a great choice because they create a balanced look. Clothes with too much fabric up top will create additional bulk.  A ¾ sleeve is a great choice for you as it creates space between the arm and the torso. Push your sleeves up if they are long to create separation between your arms and your upper body. Look for a jacket that nips in at the smallest part of your waist.

5. Pants/Skirts

A-line skirts that fall at or just below the knee are very flattering for you. Choose lighter colors that draw attention to the lower portion of your body. This creates balance. Look for pants that have a slight flare. Wearing pants that are too wide at the bottom will give you an overall boxy appearance. Stay away from pleated pants and opt instead for flat front or side zip pants.

6. Columns

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The column dressing for an “O” body type is the same as a “B” body type. This method of dressing will instantly balance you if your bust and tummy are the areas you are concerned about. Inside column dressing is using similar tones in your shirt/top and your pants. Your outer piece such as a sweater, vest, or blazer should be a different color. Use a color that pops or looks especially good on you. Dressing with this method creates an elongated inside column that lengthens and balances your frame.

Love, Denae and Nancy

P.S. You Already ARE Beautiful!

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