How To Dress With Confidence While Hiding Your Tummy

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Are You Comfortable In Your Own Skin?

No matter what your body goals are, you want to be comfortable with who you are right now. So many of us struggle with feeling comfortable in our own skin. It is not about having the perfect body, it is about feeling balanced. You can accept your present-day body as good and worthy.

What do you do to stop these thoughts from taking up valuable real estate in your brain? When you are thinking about the parts of your body that you wish you could change you have reduced your ability to be present, experience peace and joy, and fulfill your purpose for your day. 

Do not go out and purchase a closet full of new clothes. You can feel beautiful today in the skin that you are in. We want you to be able to leave your house for work, school, or errands and actually like the way you look. It’s not fun to look in your closet every day and hate your clothes. Most of the time you don’t have the verbiage to explain why you don’t like something in your closet, but you do know that you don’t like it. We are here to help

    1. Know Your Best Colors

    Identifying your best colors is the first step to finding more joy and less frustration when you dress. Dressing in your best colors will make you look great and make you shine with confidence. Knowing what colors to avoid can be equally impactful. Color is key! If you are curious about your best colors, take our quiz here!

    2. Column Dressing

    This method of dressing will instantly balance you if your tummy is the area you are concerned about. Inside column dressing is using similar tones in your shirt/top and your pants. Your outer piece (sweater, vest, or blazer) should be a different color. Use a color that pops of looks especially good on you. Dressing with this method creates an elongated inside column that lengthens and balances your frame.

    3. Buy Your Size

    Wear the right size clothes. It is tempting to buy something in a medium even though it should be large because it feels good at the moment. What doesn’t feel good is feeling like your shirt is too small every time you put it on. Or worse, letting it sit in the back of your closet because you feel like a sausage every time you wear it. If the size on the label bothers you, but the tag out, or cover it up with a sharpie. Buying clothes that fit will make a world of difference.

    Additionally, never let your shirt or jacket end at your stomach. It will make that area of your body appear wider. If you are not sure if it ends at the right place for you, lift your arms straight up in the air while wearing it. If there is any skin exposed around your midsection, it is too short for you!

    4. Belts

    DON’T Do It!!!! Wearing a belt when you feel like you have a muffin top is not a good idea. The same goes for tucking in your shirt. Tucking your shirt in and belt wearing will draw attention to the very area you are trying to balance. Belts are very uncomfortable when they dig into your stomach throughout the day. There is a better way!

    What do you do to hold up your pants? The secret lies in the kind of belt you choose. You will need something that you can wear UNDER your shirt that won’t be uncomfortable, have a bulge, or any other telltale signs that it is there. We recommend the Belt Away. It is completely flexible, adjustable with a slide, and has a flat clasp. It lays flat under your clothes and is one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing that we both own. This belt receives our highest recommendation.

    4. Mid To High-Rise Jeans

    Mid to high-rise jeans are a must when you are trying to balance out your midsection. There is nothing worse than putting on a pair of low-rise jeans only to have everything hanging out at the bottom of your shirt and spilling over the top of your jeans. We know it is hard to shop for jeans. Many women despise shopping for jeans almost as much as they hate shopping for swimsuits. Look for mid to high-rise jeans because they contain and balance your figure.

    If you gain weight in your belly you may also have a flat backside that could cause your pants to continually slip down.  This is where the beltaway belt comes to the rescue.  It will hold your waistband comfortably in place so you no longer have to hold up your pants with one hand while you drink coffee with your other hand. Affiliate Link.  Search for jeans with pocket flaps or other bling.  This will help eliminate the appearance of a flat behind.  You don’t want your pockets to be too far apart because this will only serve to make your butt appear even flatter than it is. Wide waistbands are a great way to bring balance and reduce the look of a flat backside.

    • Know Your Best Colors. This is your first and most vital step
    • Dress In A Column. Make sure your inner piece is the same tone as your jeans or pants. Your outer piece should be a pop/accent color in a different tone
    • Buy The Right Size. Buy clothes for the size that fits you and not the size you wish you were.
    • Avoid Tucking and Flashy Belts.
    • Choose Mid to High Rise Jeans With a Wide waistband.

    Love, Denae and Nancy

    P.S. You Already ARE Beautiful!

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