How To Dress When You Have Light Blonde Hair

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Whether Your Blonde Hair Is Natural Or Not, These Tips Are For You !

Woman with blonde hair and blue eyes against a dark rose pink background in a champagne colored sweater. Words 5 Tips for Light Blonde Hair

It doesn’t matter if you were born with light blonde hair or if it comes from a stylist or a box. You are in the color category that we call LIGHT. When you know how to dress for your coloring, you unlock the key to dressing confidently every day. 

Take our Virtual Color Analysis Quiz to find out if you are a light and read on for our tips for dressing your best with light hair.  We have included links and pictures for easy shopping. Our tips will elevate your style and highlight your natural coloring.

Our Blonde Board on Pinterest has tons of examples of women in the light category if you would like some visual examples of women with similar coloring to you. And check out our other board for fresh outfit ideas!

If you would like to see some example swatches of great colors for lights, head down to the bottom of this post for 4 free colors.

This post may contain some affiliate links. If you purchase something from our post, we may get a small commission at no additonal cost to you.

1. Dress In Light Tones

Your light blonde or white hair is probably one of the first features that people notice about you. The best way to compliment this attribute is to dress in colors that  flatter your skin, hair and eye color. Clothes in lighter shades of blue, pink and purple are extra flattering on you. This cardigan is a great staple for your color code. When you wear black as a color by itself, it will be overpowering for you. It can cause the appearance of dark shadows under your eyes and make your skin appear sallow. When you wear black, always wear it with white or another color.

2. Jewelry

With your light blonde hair, bright and sparkly jewelry will draw attention to your face. You can wear shiny gold or shiny silver jewelry.  These earrings are perfect for you.  Keep your jewelry in proportion to your frame size. If you have a small frame, pick smaller jewelry, and if you have a larger frame, choose more substantial pieces. 

3. Makeup

Lighter toned makeup is amazing on you! Unless you are trying to make a statement, dark make-up will overwhelm your light coloring. Eyeshadow is best in nude to light colors, including light grays and shades of pink. When you wear black eyeliner balance it with a light lipstick or lip gloss and natural looking blush. This butter gloss shade in `Eclair would be beautiful on you. Every single color of this butter gloss is  yummy sounding!

4. Anyone Can Wear A Scarf

…But choose a color that will make you shine! If you choose an olive green scarf it will cause your skin to look yellow and tired. Choose a scarf in a pastel blue color and it will brighten your complexion and draw attention to your eyes. Not all scarves are for all women. If you look in the mirror and see the scarf before any other piece of your outfit, it is either the wrong color or the wrong size. 

5. The Finishing Touch

One of our top tips is to match your shoes and your purse to your hair color. Shoes and a purse that match your hair will pull your entire outfit together regardless of what you are wearing. We think this purse is an amazing choice for blondes.

Even if you are in your sweats or your yoga pants, this is the quickest tip to looking pulled together, even if your life is a hot mess. 

We love these shoes! Pick a shoe with a pattern to showcase your own personal style. Click here to see more options.

Iced Frappe
Iced Frappe
Cornflower Blue
Cornflower Blue

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