How To Look Stunning With Dishwater Blonde Hair

Caucasian woman with medium brown hair in a burgundy shirt

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If You Have Ever Been Called Dishwater Blonde, These Tips Are For You!


We don’t really like the term dishwater blonde, and yet, when we ask women with medium colored hair to describe themselves, they often say dishwater blonde. In our color-coding system, we call medium hair and medium eyes SOFT. It’s much more feminine and appealing than dishwater blonde.

No matter what your coloring is, there are certain things you can do and wear to enhance your appearance AND to help you feel beautiful. When you put on an outfit that looks and feels amazing, it changes your outlook on your day.

1. Dress In Medium Color Tones

You have beautiful, low-contrast coloring. That means that the tone of your hair is very close to the tone of your skin.  This may be hard to hear but the color black will overwhelm your natural coloring. Choose gray, navy, or medium brown as your neutrals. Wearing medium color tones will make your skin appear brighter and it will enhance your natural beauty.  Some of your most flattering colors are teal blue, coral, and medium-toned purples.

If you are still unsure of what colors will work for you, click here to get your own virtual personal color code analysis.

2. Jewelry

Look for jewelry that brings the focus up to your face. Shiny gold and shiny silver jewelry will do just that! Sometimes accessories are intimidating to women, but they are the finishing touch to every outfit. Keep your personal style in mind when shopping for jewelry.  Look for ways to create a balance between your frame size and your accessories. If you have a smaller build, wear smaller jewelry and if you have a larger build, choose jewelry on a bigger scale.

3. Makeup

When you have medium hair and medium eyes, you also need…you guessed it, medium makeup. That doesn’t mean you can’t ever go big and bold, but if you are needing some direction with your everyday look, keep it in the medium range.

Gray, rose and nude eyeshadows are a good pick, along with nude, rose, or medium pink lipstick. One product recommendation under $5.00 is Angel Food Cake Butter Gloss. Just the name alone makes us want this in our make-up bag.

4. Grab A Scarf

Another way to bring attention to your face is with a scarf. Scarves are great because they can change the look of your outfit from cozy to casual to dressy. Scarves that have a pop of color are a great way to bring interest to your outfit. Blues, teals, and medium purples are especially complementary colors for a SOFT. This scarf would be perfect for your coloring and the extra sparkle will bring all of the attention upward, to your beautiful face.

5. Shoes And Purse

Just like jewelry, your purse and shoes can complete your outfit. It is a great way to incorporate your personal style when you dress.

Pro Tip: Match your shoes and purse to your hair color. Your outfit will look complete from head to toe when you do this. Check out this purse!  It is perfect for a woman with soft coloring.

We are in the midst of winter where we live.  We love the look of these cozy multi-brown colored boots which would look amazing on any woman with soft blonde coloring.

6. Match Your Eyes

Wear a shirt that is the same color as your eyes.  Picking a top or a dress that matches your eye color will brighten your face, make you look more energetic, and boost your mood! When choosing a fabric color, if there are light and medium options, choose the medium option. This will enhance instead of detracting from your lovely coloring.

Embrace Your Natural Beauty. It’s What Makes You Shine. God Thought The World Needed You And It’s A Better Place Because He Did.

Love, Denae and Nancy

P.S. You Already ARE Beautiful!

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