Meet Us

How are we Different?

Two women, both so different, and yet, we come together as a dynamic duo, speaking to women and bringing, hope, truth and beautiful freedom. Freedom to be who you really are, freedom to learn that dressing well on the outside does not make you vain, and freedom to embrace your God-given clothing style. Yes, you really do have one.

Which one of us sips our coffee slowly? Who downs it scalding hot? 

Nancy: I love my coffee copious, black and steaming hot. 

Denae: Chronic “sipper” here. Nothing like making coffee last all day, right?

Which one of us budgets down to the last penny? And which one operates on much looser principles

Denae: Down to the very last penny is how I budget everything! ALL of it!

Nancy: I have a very good, vague idea of our budget. 

Which one of us is an outgoing introvert (some days)? And which one is an excitable extrovert?

Nancy: I love our speaking events, but my favorite thing is visiting individually with women after our presentation.

Denae: Nothing excites me more than getting up in front of a room full of people and speaking!

Which one of us loves to work out (and loves food)? And which one of us tried it once (working out, not food)?

Denae: Oh my goodness. I hate to work out. Let’s leave it at that.

Nancy: I love food.  Therefore, I love to work out. 🙂

 Which one of us is anal retentive about closet organization? And which one is NOT.AT.ALL?

Nancy: I have a general knowledge of where everything is in my closet and that system works for me. I keep it kind of messy so Denae has something to do when she is stressed out.

Denae: Organized clothes and tidy hangars make me sigh with relief.

How are we the Same?


We love helping women appreciate their God-given beauty and showing them how internal and external can collide and create beauty.

Ipsy bags are our favorite mail to get every month.

A trip to the local thrift store feels like Christmas to both of us.

We were both blessed with at least one iron-willed child.

We both adore ketchup and believe it goes with everything.

Though you may not know it by looking at us, we both have “a past” that God has redeemed and used as the foundation for ImageTruth.