Our List Of The Most Useful Christmas Gifts

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12 Gifts for 12 Days of Christmas

There is nothing quite like a good gift round-up. Read on to gather some great inspiration for gift buying or for treating yourself. We have been adding to our lists all year and have compiled our favorites just for you.

This post contains affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something we may earn a commission at no additional cost to you. 

12. Accent Table

This adorable accent table is great for any room. The top attaches to the legs with powerful magnets and is easily removable. The legs also fold for easy storage and it has glides attached to protect your floor. Perfect for your living room, family room, or bedroom…you get the picture. Perfect for any room in your house!

11. Bluetooth Over the Ear Headphones

Music and podcasts make walks and workouts go so much faster. The trick is making it accessible and comfortable. These headphones easily connect to your phone’s bluetooth. Once you have them on your ears, they rest in your ear without going in too far.  The headphones won’t fall out and they are not plastered into your eardrum.  Having headphones that don’t mess with the pressure of your inner ear offers a better solution for your overall balance and it allows you to to be aware of external sounds which is a safety bonus.

10. Buffalo Plaid Scarf

Buffalo Plaid is all the rage this year, especially around the holiday season. This cozy scarf will be a great addition to your holiday outfits. The best gift for your secret Santa or grab bag gift. This particular scarf has a cashmere feel so you will be wrapped in softness all day long.

9. Mobile Photo Printer

How many pictures do you have sitting on your phone that are waiting to be printed? It’s a rare occasion that we take the time to print out our pictures.  If this sleek little printer was sitting on your desk, you could hit print anytime and have a high quality photo with a sticky back at your finger tips. Make a wall collage with this handy little device in minutes. Use over wi-fi with no computer connection needed.

8. Faux Leather Tote

Every woman needs a great bag to finish her outfit. Sometimes you need more than one great bag. This tote is a great neutral and it is at a great price point that everyone can appreciate.

7. Cordless Leaf Blower

Okay, this one might seem a little strange, but stick with us. We often end up doing the leaf blowing at our houses. Almost everyone loves a leaf free yard. Lugging the blower around or having it come unplugged when you are right in the middle of the yard is the worst.  A cordless leaf blower is the perfect gift for anyone who does yardwork.

6. Silk Pillow Case

What is THE best thing you can do for you skin and hair when you sleep? A silk pillowcase is the answer. The smoothness of a silk pillowcase protects your hair as you toss and turn at night. If you are a peaceful sleeper who doesn’t toss and turn, it will STILL protect your hair.

Let’s talk about your skin. Silk doesn’t absorb moisture the way that cotton does, so you will wake up looking refreshed with hydrated skin. Who doesn’t want that?

5. Satin Lined Beanie

No matter where you live, a good hat is a necessity. Bad hair day? Hat. Cold outside? Hat. Your outfit needs something extra? Yep. Hat. You may think there is no difference between hats, but put a satin lined one on and you will never look at hats the same again. The slip inside will protect your hair from frizz as you put it on and take it off.  A satin lined hat won’t crush your hairstyle. Put the hat on and be cute and then take the hat off and STILL be cute. It’s a win-win and a must own.

4. Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets make it onto a lot of Christmas lists, and for good reason.  These blankets are great for anxiety and sensory processing disorders. They can improve sleep quality and promote a calming peaceful sleep. You can specify how much weight you want in your blanket and how big you want it to be. Ultra breathable.  A hug in a blanket. Happy sleeping!

3. Bamboo Brush

Your scalp needs TLC just like the rest of your body. It’s easy to neglect your hair. A bamboo brush with natural bristles will massage your scalp which produces more sebum. An increase in sebum production leads to softer and shinier hair. Bamboo brushes are also much more gentle for detangling and are good for short or long hair. Little heads and big heads alike will appreciate the softer touch.

2. Beltaway Belt

Can there be a holy grail of belt wearing? If so, we have discovered it. Check out this belt that will change your life. It is flat. It is adjustable while you have it on, and there is NO buckle bulge. What’s even better is that it works for absolutely every body type. It comes in two sizes  that are adjustable from size 0-14 and from size 14-22.  It will hold your pants up if you need help in that area, or it will eliminate back gap. It is so comfortable you won’t even realize you are wearing it.

1. Closet Outfit Planner

Our number one suggestion for this year’s gift giving guide is the Closet Outfit Planner or C.O.P. for short. Based on your color analysis result, a.k.a. Color Code, 27 pieces have been hand selected that are perfect for your wardrobe this season, in the trend colors that will flatter you. 

The Closet Outfit Planner includes everything you need to dress like the stylish, beautiful woman you are. You won’t have to worry about what to wear ever again! For only $27 you can give the gift of confidence to yourself or someone else. 

Love, Denae and Nancy

P.S. You Already ARE Beautiful!

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