Closet Outfit Planner (Deep)


This is the Closet Outfit Planner for Deeps. If you have dark hair, dark eyes and a medium to dark skin tone, you are in the right place!

Get rid of the hassle of a closet bursting with clothes and nothing to wear. The Closet Outfit Planner is a full-color capsule wardrobe guide for your specific coloring. Using 27 articles of clothing you can assemble 30 complete outfits. We have included photos to show you how to put each outfit together.

External shopping links are provided for you if you feel like adding something new to your closet. Chances are you already own everything you need.  But who doesn’t like a little shopping? The purchase options cover every budget and style category.

It also includes a checklist of other outfit options for you. Think Garanimals for Women. This completely personalized guide is only $27.00. You can keep it on your phone for easy access or print it out for reference.

If you feel you received the DEEP Color Code in error, re-take our quiz here. For more ideas in the deep category, see our blog and our Deep Pinterest Boards.

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