Do you ever look in your closet and wonder why you have so many clothes and nothing to wear? You are not alone! Would you like to know how to use the clothes you have to make creative and attractive outfits that will give you confidence all day long? We can help with that! Contact us to speak at your next event.

Event List

Women’s Ministry Events | Retreats | Boutique Events | Corporate Events | Fundraisers | Winery Events | Staff Meetings


We also do Style Parties for smaller groups of 4-10 women. We provide style, color and body shape analysis for each attendee. Additionally, each woman leaves with personalized advice. Style parties are perfect for a girls’ night or weekend, family events or small group meetings.


ImageTruth-Women's Event Speakers

What We Teach

-Exactly what colors to wear for the combination of skin, hair and eyes that makes you unique (including personal color analysis)

-What clothing styles are best for each body shape

-How to choose the right accessories for your outfit

-How to discover your unique style personality

Finally and most importantly, we teach that YOU are beautiful. You deserve to live in freedom and confidence. All of these things combined make shopping and wearing clothes in general a much more pleasant experience.

Never have “nothing to wear” ever again!