Quick Body Shape Guide For All Women

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What Is Your Shape?

There are many systems for determining your body shape. Wading through them all can be a bit overwhelming. After reading this you will be able to clearly identify what your body shape is and you will be able to confidently pick out flattering outfits every morning without fail. Read below for a quick body shape guide for all women.

Let’s keep it simple! If you were to gain 10 pounds overnight where would you gain it?  Answering this question is the key to identifying which body shape you are.  Read on for an overview of each area.  Remember, whatever body shape you are you are absolutely beautiful because that is the way God made you.

This picture shows the different body shapes in our quick body shape guide

Here is your quick body shape guide using the BODX System by Shari Braendel. Click on the links in each section for a more in-depth look at each body type. Leave us a comment or send us a message if you need help determining your own personal shape.

“B” Body Shape (Belly)

You Gain Weight In Your Belly and Midsection

If you are a “B” body type your challenge area is your belly.  You generally have balanced shoulders and hips. Additionally, you may have a flatter backside. Wearing jeans with a high-rise and pockets with flaps or decorations is a good look for you. Jeans with tapered legs are very flattering for your body shape. Although this pair of jeans doesn’t have embellished pockets, the high-rise and tapered leg make it a good choice.

For a more in-depth look at the “B” body type, click here.”

Shirts and jackets should always cover the fullest part of your body.  Wear fitted bottoms, chose tops with looser fabric around the belly, and pick shirts with v-necks.  Wearing scarves/long necklaces, and layering outfits are very flattering for “B” body shapes. Column dressing is a great way to bring proportion to your fabulous shape! Match the color or hue of your inside pieces (shirt & pants). Choose an outer layer (sweater or jacket) in a different color!

“O” Body Shape (Overly Endowed)

You Gain Weight In Your Bust

Women with the “O” Body Type gain their weight up top. You have nice legs and a full figure. As an “O” a good bra is an absolute necessity.  Getting a professional bra fitting is well worth the time and effort. Wearing a good bra will impact your entire outfit. More tips for this body type include: choosing fitted bottoms to show off your nice legs and picking tops that are fingertip length or longer. Flowy/v-necked tops in patterns are also great choices. Use scarves and necklaces for layering. Column dressing is similar to that of the “B” body type and a great way to bring balance to your beautiful body.  Match the color or hue of your inside pieces (shirt & pants).  Choose an outer layer (sweater or jacket) in a different color!

Check out our “O” article here for more information.

“D” Body Shape (Derriere and Hips)

You Gain Weight In Your Backside and Hips

Women who have a “D” body type are fuller through the hips and derriere.  If you are a “D” you have a narrower waist and small to medium shoulders. Choose wider leg bottoms or straight leg jeans/pants.  Pick tops with rounded/wide necklines to broaden and bring balance to your shoulders and hips. Belts are a great way to show off your waist. Column dressing is a fantastic way to bring proportion to your fabulous shape. Create a vertical line with your outside pieces (pants and jacket/sweater) in a similar color or hue. Choose a different or pop color for your inside piece (shirt). Use accessories such as necklaces and earrings to draw attention upward to your gorgeous face.

Our number one tip for “D” body types? The BeltAway belt (purchase here). Now you can buy jeans that fit you in the hips/thighs and not struggle with waist gap. This belt will hold the back of your jeans comfortably against your lower back. You won’t feel the gap in the back when you reach down to pick something up. We both own them and wear them regularly. The belt lays flat, is completely adjustable while wearing, and there is no buckle bulge. It’s the best $25 you will ever spend.

For a more in-depth look at the “D” body type, click here.

“X” Body Shape (Evenly Balanced)

You Gain Weight Equally All Over

Women with this body type gain weight evenly all over.  Your shoulders and hips are balanced. An “X” has a narrow waist and balanced proportions.  Straight leg and skinny pants/jeans look fabulous on you.   Highlight your small waist with blazers, tucked-in shirts, and belts.  Remember to keep an evenly balanced look when you are getting dressed.

More information coming soon!

Embrace the body that God gave you and learn to love the skin you are in.  Knowing how to dress for your shape is an important step in the right direction.

Love, Denae and Nancy

P.S. You Already ARE Beautiful!

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