Amazing Style Tips For Women With Dark Hair and Eyes

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This post may contain some affiliate links. If you purchase something from our post, we may get a small commission at no additonal cost to you.

5 Great Tips To Elevate Your Style

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If you have dark hair, dark eyes, and a darker skin tone, we have some great style tips that will help you accentuate your stunning features. Your beautiful dark hair and eyes are the first things people notice when they look at you. Dress with these features in mind and your natural beauty will shine through.

In our color system, your category is called DEEP. There are vibrant colors that will make you shine and other colors that will detract from your natural beauty. We can’t wait to see you highlight your beautiful features and become confident in the person God created you to be. Click here to take a Virtual Color Analysis Quiz to determine your color code.

 We have included links and pictures for easy shopping. Check out these items that will elevate your style and highlight your natural coloring. If you need more outfit ideas, we have a TON of them on our DEEP Pinterest Board.

This post may contain some affiliate links. If you purchase something from our post, we may get a small commission at no additonal cost to you.

1. Dress For Your Coloring

As the name suggests, you have DEEP coloring.  Clothes with intense and deep shades of color are going to be great for you. Think of really intense shades of navy blue, royal purple, deep green, rich deep brown, and black. These bold colors compliment your natural coloring. On the other hand, if you try to wear pastels and other shades that are overly bright, your clothes will wear you instead of the other way around. Click here to order your own digital swatches if you need more ideas for colors to wear.

2. Jewelry

Silver and gold jewelry looks great on you, but we personally prefer gold for DEEP colored ladies. Jewelry that draws your attention up to your face is always a good choice. Brighter silver and shiny gold jewelry will make your eyes sparkle. Keep your jewelry in proportion to your frame size by choosing smaller jewelry if you have a smaller structure and larger jewelry if you have a larger frame.

Other great jewelry choices include dark jewel tones, deep mustard tones and burnished bronze.

3. Makeup

Makeup follows some of the same rules as clothing. With your dark eyelashes and dark eyebrows, you want to add other makeup that will balance and enhance those features. You can wear so many great shades of deep and intense lipstick or lip gloss. Check out this perfect shade of Red Wine Truffle butter gloss from NYX. However, if intense lips aren’t your thing, play up your eyes and cheeks a bit. Don’t be afraid to use darker colors in the berry, brown, and neutral families.

4. How About A Scarf?

A scarf can add that next layer of pizazz to any outfit. Wear a blanket scarf in the winter for extra coziness and switch to a square scarf in the warmer seasons. Choose your scarf with a pop of color from your swatches. A couple of great pop colors for you are dark red, sangria, or ultramarine green.


A leopard print scarf, like this one,  is especially flattering on you.

5. No Outfit Is Complete Without...

Shoes! This doesn’t mean we are telling you to go spend a thousand dollars on a pair of shoes. There are many affordable options available to you. Check out some of our favorite picks from Amazon. One of our best tips is to match your shoes to your hair color. For you, that means very dark brown or black shoes. Wearing shoes that match your hair creates an instant “frame”. It makes any outfit look polished from head to toe.
The last (and our favorite) piece of advice we have is to pick a purse in your personal best colors. We carry our handbags everywhere.  If you select a purse in a color that compliments your dark hair and dark eyes, it will elevate every outfit you wear. This burgundy purse would be amazing for you!

God knew exactly what He was doing when He made you, and He made a world full of color and clothes to enhance what He created. Have fun with your clothes, and love what you wear!

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Love, Denae and Nancy

P.S. You Already ARE Beautiful!

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