How To Find The Best Wedding Guest Dress

Various Wedding Guest Dresses in lavender, navy and medium blue. Maxi dress, a-line dress and tiered dress

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The First Thing You Should Know About Your Wedding Guest Dress

So, you just got invited to a wedding after a long year of staying home. How do you find the perfect wedding guest outfit for this occasion? Let’s be real, it’s been a year of sweatpants and stretchy jeans. And now, it’s time to find an outfit to wear in public, but the fitting rooms in the stores are closed.

Have you ever put something on that didn’t look great but you didn’t know why? Sometimes we don’t have the verbiage to know why, but here is a secret.

It’s probably the color of your clothes. Color is the single most important element in an outfit. You have unique coloring and clothes are meant to compliment that coloring. If your clothes wear you into the room instead of vice versa, it’s time to update your colors.

Three wedding guest dresses on a background of flowers

How DO You Determine Your Best Colors?

But how do you find your best colors? Take our free online quiz and get immediate results. It’s like having your own personal color analysis with us in just a few button clicks.

Once you have determined your best colors, save yourself time and frustration by purchasing your digital swatches. You can take them with you on your phone or tablet when you are shopping. Or you can use them as a guide as you do your shopping online.

Congratulations! You have just won a major part of the battle for learning how to dress well for any occasion. Color is key!

This much is true...when you master your best colors, you can shop at Goodwill, Nordstrom, or anywhere in between and have complete confidence in your outfit.


Quick Color Guide Cheat Sheet

Wear light colors like pink, lavendar and sky blue. Good neutrals for you are gray or black and white together.

Wear medium colors like dusty pink, heather purple and sage green. Good neutrals for you are gray, cream or navy.

Wear cool colors like blue, purple and pink. Good neutrals for you are black, white and charcoal gray.

Wear bright colors like jewel red, sapphire blue and true purple. Good neutrals for you are black and white.

Wear Intense colors like dark red, blue and green. Good neutrals for you are black, snow white and chocolate brown.

Wear warm colors like olive green, coral, and denim blue. Good neutrals for you are cream, brown and navy.

Style Suggestions By Wedding Type

Here are some style suggestions for different types of weddings. Remember, you are welcome to wear pants to many types of weddings. Dresses are not strictly required, but it’s almost summer, and we think dresses are fun, so here are some of our top picks!

And if you want to take the grunt-work out of shopping, each dress is clickable and easy to buy on Amazon (a.k.a. easy to return). Side note: Did you know that most Amazon purchases are returnable for free at Kohls? You don’t have to repackage it or anything! No, we don’t work for Amazon. When trying on clothes is next to impossible during these pandemic times, we have really appreciated their easy and free returns.


Women in lavender off the shoulder maxi dress

Off The Shoulder Dress

Check our this great dress from Amazon. This is the perfect wedding guest dress for a beach wedding, and outdoor wedding, or a casual wedding. Add a few accessories and you are ready for a formal wedding.

Woman in navy blue a-line dress against a white background

A-Line Summer Dress

Here's another great option from Amazon. This is the perfect wedding guest dress for a more formal wedding or an evening wedding. It is also available in black for those black-tie affairs.

Woman on white background with medium blue tiered dress

 Tiered Jacket Dress

This wedding guest dress comes with a lightweight jacket for versatility. It can be dressed up or down, but is generally best for semi-formal to formal weddings and comes in a variety of colors.

White background with a woman in a white floral maxi dress

Maxi Casual Dress

Our final dress from Amazon can be dressed up or down. It is lightweight and easy to wear and easy to pack. This is the perfect wedding guest dress for a morning or afternoon wedding or a more casual setting.

Main Take Away

Knowing your best colors will make a world of difference when you are searching for the perfect outfit for any occasion. Take the quiz for a free guide to your best looks, and purchase your personalized swatches to have with you at all times. Welcome back to life out of quarantine. Enjoy the wedding!

Love, Denae and Nancy

P.S. You Already ARE Beautiful!

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