The Five Best Tips For Balancing Your Hips

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“D” Body Shape- You Gain Weight In Your Hips And Backside

Do your jeans fit your hips but leave a back gap around your waist? If you gain weight in your hips and thighs and are looking for the five best tips for balancing your hips and thighs, read on.

These four most common body shapes are from Shari Braendel’s BODX system. If you were to gain 10 pounds overnight, where would it end up? Most women have no problem figuring out where the extra weight would end up. If you immediately put your hands on your hips, you are a “D” body type.  You gain weight in your hips, thighs, and “D”erriere.  You may have heard this body type referred to as a pear body type or inverted triangle.

As a “D” there is nothing more frustrating than trying to find pants that fit and clothes that don’t make you feel like your hips are your most prominent feature. God made your body and it is beautiful. We have practical tips that will help you embrace and love your features and curves.

Not all body shapes can dress the same. Someone who gains weight in her stomach or bustline will dress very differently than someone who gains weight in the hips and thighs. Once you learn the concepts for dressing for your body shape it will leave you with a sense of confidence and satisfaction.  We want you to step out of your home every morning confident in the beautiful body that God gave you so that you can fulfill your purpose for the day and so we present you with the five best tips for balancing your hips.

1. Color Is Key

We will determine your best colors and send you 43 High Quality digital swatches.

Identifying your best colors is the first step to finding more joy and less frustration when you dress. Dressing in your best colors will make you look great and make you shine with confidence. Knowing what colors to avoid can be equally impactful. Color is the KEY!  You will never regret this vital step.  As a “D” Body you will want to avoid patterned bottoms.  Stick to darker colors below the waist.  First, learn your colors and then shop with confidence.  Click here for help determining your best colors.

2. Column Dressing

Column Dressing is a great way to balance your body shape. Medium wash jeans, a medium tone jacket and a shirt with a pattern is a great example.
This is a great example of an outside column outfit for a “D” body type.

Column dressing- Use columns in the opposite way that our “B” Body shape uses columns. “B” Body shapes gain weight in the stomach and midsection-click here to learn more about the “B” body shape. Column dressing involves three pieces of clothing. A bottom, a top, and an outer piece such as a vest, sweater, jacket, or overshirt. The best way to create balance for your hips is to have your outer piece and pants have a similar color intensity. These pieces don’t have to match exactly or be the same color. See the above example. Your inner piece would be a different color/tone or a “pop” color. Dressing in this way creates a column from the head to toe that delivers a vertical linear look and balances your hips.

3. Jeans/Pants

Finding a pair of great-fitting jeans or pants is a trial for most body shapes, but especially for those in the “D” category. How and why do manufacturers not create jeans for actual women?

Wide waistbands are your friend. Jeggings with a wide elastic waistband will almost always work for you. As a “D”, your backside is not usually flat like it is with other categories. The number one rule of pants for a “D”: DON’T DECORATE your backside. Just as many people see you coming as see you going.  Flat pockets or mid-size pockets with no bling are a good way to go. If you do get a pocket that has minor embellishments on it, make sure the embellishments are vertical, and not horizontal.  Jeans with a slight flare to the leg or a boot cut are great options because they balance your hips beautifully.  Chose dark denim versus a lighter wash.

The beltaway belt is one of the best products for back gap in your jeans. We call it a tailor in a box.Our number one, lifesaving jeans tip for a “D”? The BeltAway belt. Now you can buy jeans that fit you in the hips/thighs and not struggle with waist gap. This belt will hold the back of your jeans comfortably against your lower back. You won’t feel the gap in the back when you reach down to pick something up. We both own them and wear them regularly for different reasons. It has changed our view of jeans and shopping. It lays flat, is completely adjustable while wearing, and there is no buckle bulge. It’s the best $25 you can spend.

4. Hemline

A tunic length shirt should come down to your knuckles when your hands are by your side. This will provide balance for your hipslWhen your hips are the widest part of your body, your shirt or jacket hemline should NOT end there. If your shirt hem ends here this is where the eye will be drawn. The hemline of your top should fall below or above your hips. A great option for you is a tunic-length shirt. Put your arms straight down at your sides. Your top should end about where your knuckles are. Another important tip is varying hem lengths. If you are wearing a jacket, sweater, or vest, it should be longer or shorter than your shirt. For example, if you are wearing a tunic length top, your jacket over top should be shorter than tunic length. Every time you wear a top and a jacket that has the same hem length, you add thickness to the area where they end.

5. WHAT?

Shoulder pads help to balance you out if your hips are your widest part of your body.And our best secret of all. Shoulder pads. Yep, you heard us right. Not the football shoulder pads of the 80s, but the sleek version that velcro right onto your bra strap. If you gain weight in your hips, you likely have sloped shoulders. This can make you appear more narrow on top than on the bottom and therefore make your hips appear wider. Adding shoulder pads balances out your top with your bottom. Other options for adding balance to your shoulders are a  square or boat neckline.  Jackets with epaulets or shoulder details are another great way to bring overall balance to a “D” body shape.

It is easy to focus on the things you wish you could change. But, you are not a mistake. You were not made by accident and your shape is not an accident either. You are beautiful in the skin you are in! Let us know if you have body shape-related questions that we can answer for you.

Love, Denae and Nancy

P.S. You Already ARE Beautiful!

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